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-The fragrance french lavender is a soothing floral smell and jasmine and white amber is a rich musky floral smell, they both create a lovely, relaxing atmosphere.

- Diffusers are a lasting subtle scent and these large 200ml bottles will last up to 4 months.

- If you prefer a stronger fragrance, flip the reeds every few days but be mindful that this will use the oil quicker. It’s also best to avoid sitting your diffuser above radiators to prevent evaporation.

- They don’t require a flame and are a low maintenance, safe way to keep a lovely aroma in your space.

- All packaging used is eco-friendly and you can also re-use your diffuser bottle to fill with dried flowers etc.

- Each one is made in Liverpool and products used are from across the UK.

Handmade Diffusers by Grace Emily

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