About us!

PICNIC... Healthier Fast Food! With PICNIC you can be SUPER HEALTHY or INDULGE! We are the beautiful in-between, a take-away without the post guilt or shame.. it exists! Our Menu varies from Superfood Salads to Wholemeal Wraps, Burrito Bowls, Fresh Pressed Juices, Raw Vegan Treats & Much More. 


We guarantee that all of our ingredients are sourced ethically, locally and of course good for you & your taste buds!

Did you know 80% of our menu is Veggie or Vegan and ALL of our Take-Away Packaging is FULLY Biodegradable or Compostable? Who knew Fast Food could be good for the planet?!

Did you know we were part of Uber Eats UK Best Restaurant where we got voted best restaurant in the North West and Finalist for the entire UK! Order online today and leave us some feedback!


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